What is Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing?

Did you know that when stress, injury, or overuse cause your muscles to tense up that there are other areas of your body and brain which also suffer adverse tension, poor blood flow, and low oxygen? The key to healing lies in restoring the delicate balance of tension and breath in all your tissues.

The Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing approach is the complete opposite of chiropractic treatments. Rather than forcing a joint into alignment with a dynamic thrust (the hallmark of most chiropractic treatments), Dr. Scott Vander Wall uses a variety of techniques to gently manipulate your soft tissues to “unwind” adverse tension and remodel “ropey,” fibrous tissue – inviting you back into alignment, easing pain, and restoring breath, circulation and energy production. Positive, lasting results of soft tissue balancing are expected in 1 to 4 office visits.

Dr. Vander Wall is a specialist in soft tissue balancing techniques, and he is a certified Elite Provider of Active Release Technique (ART). He gently manipulates muscles, fascia, nerves, and organs to:

  • Relieve muscle spasms, tendonitis, pinched nerves, and chronic pain
  • Remodel and rejuvenate scar tissue
  • Improve circulation, digestion & brain function
  • Release trauma & heavy emotions stored in the body