Dr. Scott Vander Wall, of Heartwood Software Tissue Balancing, offers three key services:  Soft Tissue Balancing, Nutritional Consulting, and Orthotics fittings.  The following highlights his three services:

  • Soft Tissue Balancing

    Because getting to the cause of a soft tissue problem requires more time and attention than just medicating or pushing on the tense area, Dr. Vander Wall allows one hour for new patients, and one-half hour for regular visits.  The effect is fast and long-lasting resolution of patterns that cause pain and stress; thus, avoiding repeated re-adjustments of the same distressed joints in endless treatment cycles.  These techniques are effective for a wide variety of problems, like new or old injuries, jaw or head pain, shoulder and hand problems, knee and hip pain, heartburn, depression, and more.

    To learn more about the various soft tissue balancing techniques offered by Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing, click here.

  • Functional Medicine Nutritional Consulting

    Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if you are developing a pre-diabetic condition, have an infection, anemia, or thyroid dysfunction?  Using a “functional” or “optimal” range for interpretation of blood tests allows Dr. Vander Wall to correlate your symptoms with patterns of imbalance in your physiologic, hormonal, nervous, immune, and digestive systems.  The art of functional medicine relies on the doctor’s ability to be the best generalist; recognizing how all the various physiologic systems can affect each other to create vicious cycles of imbalance which underlie a patient’s symptoms.  The goal is to restore balance to these systems by dietary modification and therapeutic nutritional supplements addressing the weak areas.  This is in contrast with the current medical model of finding the best specialist for each symptom, who addresses each problem or symptom with medication.

  • Orthotics

    Sometimes, the best way to restore balance starts from the ground up.  Unlike most prescribed orthotics which are based on antiquated theories from the 1970s, Sole Supports Orthotics are full-contact, arch-support orthotics that can restore performance and effectively address problems like bunions, plantar fascitis, neuromas, knee pain, back pain, and foot pain.