ART is the most exact treatment for muscles, tendons, ligaments and entrapped nerves anywhere in the body.  One can expect results is one to 5 office visits.  This is best for injuries and chronic overuse.

Explore your intuitive abilities and the power of meditation and mindfulness with David Stevens.

Check out the only FDA approved over the counter human growth hormone product to help you reach your full potential.

A website and book series dedicated to exposing the facts regarding our modern food system, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry and helping you make healthy choices.

Dr. Perlmutter is the author of Grain Brain and his website is an excellent source for dietary information and supplemental information regarding the latest scientific studies.

This is a great website for factual education about nutritional and herbal therapy.  Just go to patient handouts in the Healthquest site or the Vital Nutrients site.

Learn about nutrition, traditional fats and the cholesterol myth.

Learn about craniosacral therapy.

A nutritional link for Designs for Health nutrition.

If you are ever in need of massage therapists, Soulstice Wellness specializes in post-operative massage to help speed the healing process after surgery.  They have multiple locations in metro Denver.

A local bakery in Southeast Denver that is dedicated to making and educating about gluten free and hypoallergenic food.