First Visit

The first visit with Dr. Scott Vander Wall is one full hour to increase your awareness about your body and set the stage for true long-lasting healing. During this hour, Dr. Vander Wall will begin assessing your postural and soft tissue imbalances (the areas that are not moving and breathing) relative to your complaints and your history. As he begins a series of gentle adjustments to the soft tissues, he will assess their character, i.e. their degree of damage, reactivity, or degeneration.

As he tests ways to re-balance these tissues, he talks aloud and describes the distortion patterns he sees and the physiology involved. You will be surprised at all the parts of the body closely tied to the area of complaint. You will feel areas of your body start to relax and unwind as Dr. Vander Wall uses a variety of techniques from nearly imperceptible pulling, to gentle movements or specific tension; to awaken and free these areas.