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Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing

"Pushing through discomfort seemed to be my norm for the last 20+ years. I am a 44 year old women who loves to mountain bike, ski, swim and run. I was a college athlete and now participate in Xterra triathlons. Starting in college I experienced hip issues and shin pain, so I stopped running after college and stuck to the bike for many years, but I still had issues. In addition to the hip and shin pain, I’ve always had a tremendous amount of tightness in my upper back and neck and figured “it was just me”. 

Was I wrong. I am so lucky to have been introduced to Scott Vander Wall. Knowing I needed help, but not really knowing why, I made an appointment with Scott. It didn’t take long for us to discover that an injury from my childhood was creating tremendous structural issues and causing the numerous body issues I was experiencing. Scott shared that I had experienced a great amount of soft tissue injury during my childhood fall. Unfortunately my body, while healing in the eyes of the doctors, did not return to a normal state. In addition, my brain, due to the trauma of the fall, held on to unhealthy ways of moving and thus my body remained in a state of tension. No wonder I felt the way I did! 

Scott has been wonderful. Gently and carefully releasing old scar tissue, teaching my muscles how to let go, and realigning my spine with gentle soft tissue manipulation is changing my life. It’s hard to put in words the difference Scott has made. The tension in my body is releasing, my body is moving better, and I feel wonderful. After all these years, I can’t believe I didn’t realize what was going on, but more importantly, I am so exited to finally address these lingering issues and feel wonderful. I’m looking forward to hitting the slopes and trails with a whole new body!"


" In our busy, hectic lives we take on the after-effect of stress which builds up and overwhelms our emotional and mental well being, and then eventually manifests as pain, injury, and or sickness in our bodies.

When this happens, my advice is run (just a metaphor), don't walk, to Dr. Scott!
My husband and I have been to Dr. Scott over the years for various reasons. I can go on and on with our stories of successful healings which we have experienced, but that would take to long to read. I will just give the list of things that have been completely healed in under 10 sessions working with Dr. Scott.
Sciatica, TMJ, pinched nerve in shoulder/neck, digestive health, and pregnancy low back/SI joint pain.

We do not have to make repeated visits for adjustments every other week, because Dr. Scott fixes the problem at the root in the physical body. We only return for infrequent adjustments due to the build up of new stress that eventually leads to small flare ups in the body. It would be unrealistic for us to think that we are never going to have the need for a tweak every now and then, for that to happen we would have to live completely stress free lives and have no thoughts or emotions.

Dr. Scott is truly gifted, he is an expert in his field.  Dr. Scott's vast knowledge of the body, his ability to work intuitively, and his unique combination of credentials, far surpasses others in this area of practice. I now live in Orange County, CA, and have been unable to find someone who can even come close to his expertise. The only thing I miss about living in CO is Dr. Scott. "

J. F.
Certified yoga instructor
J. F.

"When I found Dr. Scott Vander Wall, I was in nearly intolerable pain.  My nervous system was shot and I was suffering from some severe emotional trauma.  With his extaordinarily gifted hands and gentle, intuitive heart, he nurtured me back to balanced health and well being.  I am now pain-free!!  Dr. Vander Wall is the real deal...truly an amazing and exceptional healer."  -C. P.

Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing For Back Pain

"After 26 years of back pain that evolved from a car accident, I found Dr. Scott Vander Wall. In 4 visits, he had me out of pain for the first time in years. I had gone through many other treatments from physical therapy to drug therapy, and nothing helped. Dr. Vander Wall cleaned me up internally, and also emotionally with a regimen of vitamins and healthy thoughts. With occasional [maintenance] treatments now, Dr. Scott Vander Wall keeps me pain free–he is outstanding!"
 – V.H.

"I’ve had chronic back pain since I was 16 years old. In an effort to ease the pain, I went to many specialists and physical therapists but nothing helped. After 3 cortisone shots and one back surgery, I was finally referred to Dr. Scott Vander Wall for Soft Tissue Balancing. Dr. Vander Wall solved my back pain and it hasn't returned over the past 4 years! I was the last person on earth to think that a completely non-invasive treatment like Soft Tissue Balancing would actually help, but it does!" – L.H.

Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing For Healing Injuries

"I've had a wonderful healing experience with Dr. Scott Vander Wall and Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing. He has helped my hips, carpal tunnel, and hand injury, chronic shoulder injury and much more. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who wants help." – S.K.

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2011.  Subsequently I had 6 rounds of chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, then 28 sessions of radiation.  Through Soft Tissue Balancing, Dr. Vander Wall helped prepare me for the surgery by ensuring my body was as relaxed and flexible as possible.  With his post-treatment, I can release the trauma to my body mentally, physically, and energetically.  Dr. Vander Wall is able to read my bodily dues, despite what I might say (!), identify where I am holding or protecting myself and gently encourage release for greater well being.  Prior to this diagnosis, I had seen Dr. Vander Wall for rheumatoid arthritis and effects from a rollover car accident.  I truly appreciate the non-invasive, seemingly simple but definitely effective techniques.  I leave each session feeling tired but more free, knmowing I am releasing toxins and negative energy.  Dr. Vander Wall's caring attitude, good humor and tips for self care sustain me until the next appointment."  - S.G.

Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing For Easing Pregnancy

"Dr. Scott Vander Wall’s Soft Tissue Balancing is wonderful! It helped me tremendously before and during my pregnancy. I don't know what I would do without it." – D.S.

Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing Great For Adults and Children

"I tried regular chiropractic adjustments and got nominal results. I tried Soft Tissue Balancing adjustments with Dr. Scott Vander Wall, and I have been amazed by the results and the benefits. Not only have I felt better physically myself, but I have seen the benefits for my family and friends. My three-year-old daughter has had these Soft Tissue Balancing adjustments since she was a few months old and it has helped her recover from colds and feel better. Thanks Dr. Vander Wall!" – S.P.

Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing For Headaches

"I went to all sorts of doctors for my migraine/tension headaches but nothing worked. I was referred to Dr. Scott Vander Wall from a friend, and decided to try it. Within two weeks of receiving Soft Tissue Balancing, my headaches were gone. I feel much more relaxed because I don't have to worry about dealing with stressful situations by getting a severe headache. Praise God!" – J.B.

Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing For Easing Chronic Pain

"When I came to see Dr. Vander Wall, I was on 4 medications and had chronic neck pain. Through his Soft Tissue Balancing treatments and the exercises he prescribed, I have reduced my medications to only one and no longer suffer with unrelenting pain. I am able to do daily activities without restriction. Several related problem areas such as jaw and hip soreness have been relieved. I don't know where I would be today without his unique approach to therapy. My life has been reclaimed due to the help he gave me. I thoroughly recommend Dr. Scott Vander Wall." – S.K.