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Salad For Breakfast!

“Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.”

This quote is from the Old Testament Book of Daniel describing the time when the Israelites were exiled in Babylon and how Daniel and his friends were put into training to be in the royal court.  These fellows refused the king’s order to eat the same dainty rich foods and wine that the king mandated for the royal court.   Eating only vegetables and water they passed the physical fitness test and much more detailed later. 

Many clients complain that it is difficult to get enough vegetables into their diet.  They often say they are not hungry in the morning or have too little time to sit down to a meal.    

I’d like to share an easy solution.  All you need is a delicious, easy to digest, and great tasting raw food smoothie for breakfast.   Make a portable meal including therapeutic nutrition in your blender with a smorgasbord of greens and vegetables along with some other ingredients you may not have thought of.  

The following list is comprehensive.  I am a bit of a megalomaniac so you don’t have to include everything the way I do.  I start with some fresh or frozen organic berries (avoiding commercial pesticides and getting the most phytonutrients) for flavor and sweetness along with crushed ice in the blender.  Fresh fruit and perhaps a banana (not too moldy) make the salad tasty and lend insoluble fiber as prebiotics to feed your secret garden (gut flora).  You can include pomegranate or acai juice, and fresh squeezed citrus (A bit of citrus rind works great as a digestion stimulating bitter).  Include some fresh lemon or lime for zip, vitamin C, and bioflavonoids.  

Use some fresh ginger, for delicious anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.  Greens including cilantro, parsley, carrot tops, arugula, celery leaves, dandelion leaves, chard, etc. are great sources of chlorophyll, magnesium and antioxidants.  They also chelate toxic heavy metals out of your body!  Add organic raw carrots, cucumber, cabbage, celery, jicama, broccoli, and cauliflower.   

Good fats from avocado, coconut milk (or MCT oil), and olive oil, fuel and protect your brain and body.  Fermented food like goat milk kefir and yogurt are always a good idea to add probiotics and protein.  Chia seeds and pine nuts or nut butter are great sources of nourishing fat and protein to last you all morning.  

Lastly add all sorts of powdered or liquid nutrition supplements.  Clearvite is an Apex powdered product with hypoallergenic pea protein or aminos along with therapeutic amounts of vitamins and minerals.  Add Omega 3 oils like those in liquid Omega CO3, and Brain E (an Apex product high in DHA).  They are easily disguised and become tasty in your smoothie.  Powdered cacao and cacao nibs are really delicious and crunchy (but can be a source of cadmium). 

GI Repair, a powdered DFH product, has everything to repair your leaky gut lining.  Biofizz (from DFH) tastes great and is loaded with vitamin C and bioflavonoids.  Consider Apex Liposomal glutathione (GSH).  Glutathione is always depleted in a person with pain, stress, and inflammation. GSH is the king of antioxidants, an immune balancer, and a substrate for detox.  Turmeric powder, and resveratrol extract are very anti-inflammatory.    

Back to the book of Daniel, three of the Israelites were thrown into a fiery furnace as a punishment for disobeying King Nebuchadnezzar.   Currently our bodies, brains, and the whole planet are being stoked like the King’s fiery furnace by our incendiary foods, fuels, and thoughts.  Our royal lifestyle is promoting chronic degenerative diseases in the youngest individuals.  Almost no one is growing, cooking, and eating copious vegetables.  Like the Israelites who survived the fire with their clean food and lifestyle, you can be different.  Start quenching the fire and building your immunity today by mowing down some vegetables for breakfast.  

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