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Stop Eating the Poison

About 15 years ago I had a nightmare in which I suddenly realized that everywhere I went I was being fed poison.  Everyone else was eating it too, but I seemed to be the only one aware of it, and I desperately wanted to stop.  I don’t remember much else except that I was running and hiding and looking for a safe place but could find none.  Today I am waking up to find my nightmare is true in so many ways.  

Over the years I have learned more about the deepening poisonous stew we are all born into here in America.  I have learned that our government has been completely bought and sold by mega corporations and it has absolutely no power to protect its citizens or to monitor the effects of the poisonous onslaught.  I have learned how the scientific research method we all revere has been completely trashed and re-written by marketers and politicians for the purpose of economic domination.  

GMO crops are engineered to make and be resistant to pesticides like Roundup (glyphosate) so that even more chemical herbicides and pesticides are applied to crops; and farmers don’t have to pull weeds.   NO long term research has been conducted into their safety, or the combined effects of such poisons, however.    

Independent scientific and monitoring efforts are revealing frightening damage.  Now a study reports Roundup was present in 70% of air and water samples (4).   It is accumulating in fat tissue and causing damage in livers (8), DNA (7), the endocrine system, and even the gut immune response (9) of people and animals (4).  High amounts are being found in human breast milk (4).  Glyphosate (Roundup) was even detectable in some crops a year after application (5).  

Even so, the EPA has approved the use of more dangerous herbicides for GMO crops.  The use of 2, 4-D, a principle component of  Agent Orange, combined with Roundup; has been approved to combat the growing number of “superweeds” which have become resistant to Roundup alone (6). 

Now 70% of our processed foods contain GMO’s and everyone is eating them, especially kids.  In the last decade I have noticed an exponential loss in the ability of the population to maintain health that cannot be explained by poor diet and exercise alone!   Over the last 12 years we have seen a coincidental skyrocketing in the rates of autism (1), allergies, ADD, DDs, (2) and asthma (3).   The prevalence of Autism alone has increased 289.5% since 1997 according to CDC publications (1). 

Even while the scientific explanations are becoming more clear on how these poisons cause genetic, metabolic, endocrine, and other health defects (7)(8)(4), the confusion runs higher and deeper in the  public.  The handful of Multinational Corporate conglomerates that control all of our food don’t want us to have the results of unbiased scientific studies.  They know that knowledge is power and that is why they have pumped so much propaganda into our brains.  

Right now we have a rare opportunity in Colorado to take some knowledge and power back, by demanding labeling on GMO foods.  Because “Big Food” has dumped millions of dollars in advertising into every state where this is being proposed, I am sure you have heard some propaganda about GMOs and this proposition.  Don’t trust anyone.  Knowing what is in our food is a fundamental right that has been taken away...  

Garden Photo 2015

I care about you.  I care about our planet and I care about future generations.  I urge you to vote Yes on Proposition 105 and vote with your dollars each day by buying only organic and local food.


Or better yet, grow your own.



"Dr. V Dub”


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