Natural Beauty

Our culture demands we compete; so many people want to look better longer.  Natural beauty is naturally appealing.  It is the aesthetic outcome of a healthy body, which is the product of a healthy lifestyle.

Garden Photo 2015 My favorite place this summer is early morning in my front garden.  The natural beauty of the plants, blossoms, and birds coming and going in the height of the season is breath giving.  Then a middle-aged lady walks by.  It is obvious that she has gone to great lengths with cosmetics and fashion to look as young as her daughter; but her beauty is a thin cover, not authentic.   

Most cosmetics and hair dyes are not only expensive, but they are genuinely dangerous to your health too!  Your skin absorbs anything, so if you cannot pronounce it, you may not want to put it on your body or into your hormone system.

CB bike (400x300)

Please understand that your body is a changing natural marvel, like a garden.  You can create beauty and grace by sewing the seeds of a healthy lifestyle!  Pulling weeds like the junk foods and junk thoughts, and eating more vegetables gives you a beautiful harvest of protection against damage from the sun, toxins, and inflammation.  Cultivating your body/garden with regular soft tissue care, meditation, walks, and yoga can give you a chance to loose excess tension and restore healthy glowing skin, and graceful movement. 

In my office I assess your clinical condition just like your mother may have, by looking at you.  I know when you are “not yourself.”  Painful movements are not unnoticed.  A white or blotchy face means impaired circulation to your brain and organs.  A puffy face and skin imply dehydration, toxicity, allergies or infection.  Dull eyes indicate brain fog and fatigue. 

If you have swelling around the eyes, I know you likely have water and mineral balance problems.  Dark red around the eyes means poor blood drainage from your brain.  Swollen lymph nodes are the result of infection or poor breathing. 

Like an observant mom I also notice when your face is tense, revealing your emotional stress quite plainly.  Short breaths and elevated diaphragm are evidence of anxiety and shoulder tension.  Pelvic tension creates a stiff-legged walk. 

I expect all these signs to change during our treatment time together!  Soft Tissue Balancing is a beauty treatment; we create ease and circulation for well-nourished skin and graceful movement!  Once you experience it you will want to stay that way! 

Natural beauty is more than skin deep.  Start cultivating your organic body/garden by taking the time to prepare fresh food, drink plenty of good water, and get regular exercise.  Use pure sesame oil instead of skin lotion. 

Sangres Tree Root

Meditate on your breath at home each day to restore a relaxed mind and body.  This honors the “waiting part” of gardening, as nature grows a new you.  With every step of loving care you will begin to harvest the visible benefits of your own natural beauty. 

Your intentions for today will cultivate your body for tomorrow.  Schedule a Soft Tissue Balancing treatment to recall your natural “more upright and less uptight” state.

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Dr Scott,
Thank you for spending the time with me in rebalancing my body. My walk is now centered and my feet are pressed firmly and evenly on the ground. You have released the pain from my feet and back. May your practice flourish. I love thinking about breathing and sending it to every area of my body. You are the best.
Lynn Salisbury

September 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLynn Salisbury

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