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Brain Washing

Grand Canyon Sunset 2014 Good brain hygiene is something that has gotten a bad name somehow and is rarely practiced.  The result is what I see everyday: people with shallow breathing, brain fog, excess nervous tension, poor circulation, and poor sleep.  Today is a good day to clean your mind before you have to resort to antidepressants and anti anxiety medicines.

Your brain’s pre-filters are located in your upper neck.  Without cleaning they are easily clogged and cause you to focus only on some things while ignoring most everything else.  We have been trained to believe that concentrated focus is the only way to change our lives.  Concentrating on the problems and trying to fix them seems to be the common theme we get stuck in, but this narrows our awareness by clogging our filters.

We humans have a central nervous system that tends to draw nerve tension (and our attention) higher into our head, neck, and arms when we are stressed.  This is the domain of the ego, which wants to paint a picture of you facing a wall and hanging on by your fingernails and the skin of your teeth!  The negative emotions associated are continuously replayed. 

Chocolate Milk

Not only do we stop breathing and feeling our bodies in this state, but the atmosphere of fresh oxygenated cerebro-spinal fluid circulating around the brain slows and stagnates in our head from the extra tension (cranial constipation).  Meanwhile the sympathetic nerves that wrap around each blood vessel in our bodies stimulate the vessels to constrict the circulation of fresh arterial blood to the brain and organs (evidenced by cold fingers).  All this causes loss of balance in the body/mind leading to permanent degenerative changes in the brain over time.

There is another type of awareness that is much larger than our focused concentration.  This is called Total Awareness, and it holds the perspective that promotes ease and healing.  Here at Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing we get you to refocus towards your core and toward your support, restoring alignment, breath, and circulation.  Brainwashing means taking time as a human being instead of just a human doing.  


Let me assure you that things are not as they appear.  Even respected physicist Stephen Hawking has stated “that normal matter is only 5% of the energy density of the known universe; 27% is dark matter, and 68% is dark energy”  (1).  Remind yourself that you are actually completely connected to the earth and the heavens and everything unseen.  The eternal part of you is not limited by your stressful perceptions of “not enough time or money or...”

The ancient Chinese proverb says that the journey of 1000 miles is contained within a single step.  The shavasana (corpse pose) brings you back to your spirit nature, the eternal part, where you are done with your earth suit.  The ground will support your back and allow your head to come in alignment with your heart. 

Concentrate on your breath and invite it to flow in a wave from the base of your spine to your crown and back with each long respiration.  This will balance and level the diaphragms, open the lungs, straighten the spine and rest weak areas.  Changing your breathing will oxygenate your brain, and allow you to move energy and fluids like lymph. 

Redwall Cavern This is not something you do, but some things you undo.  As thoughts arise let them go without engagement.  Soon you will be able to see things as they are, with lots of space around and though them.  Like clouds in the sky, you will come to realize that there is much more sky than clouds.  So you will clear your mind of thoughts and negative emotions, and release nervous tension. 

Make things like exercise, good food, and daily brainwashing a part of your mental hygiene.  Schedule a Soft Tissue Balancing appointment and learn more about how to clean your brain and unwind tension.  The goal is to enjoy a clean healthy brain and nervous system well into old age!


(1)   Serna, J. (2013, April 17).  Cosmology’s Future Lies with the Dark Side, Stephen Hawking Says.  The Los Angeles Times.



Reader Comments (1)

Wonderful article, well said, in clear English. When I started to meditate, and could not find the American vernacular to explain it to non meditators, I would just say that I felt like my brain had been washed as that is to date how it still feels! One of the best meds available to we humans and it has no negative side affects , and it is FREE.
Thank you for your good work, Susan Holbrook

November 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSusan Holbrook

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