Welcome to Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing & the practice of Dr. Scott Vander Wall, D.C.

Have you ever wanted a doctor who would explain how your symptoms are related to specific tissues, hormones, or nerves that are out of balance? The healing work offered by Dr. Scott Vander Wall, the founder of Denver-based Heartwood Soft Tissue Balancing, represents a completely new approach in health care, based on the ancient wisdom of wholeness. Rather than drugs or therapy to just “make it go away,” why not start a healing journey with Dr. Scott Vander Wall, who can help guide you to restore balance, ease pain, and create long-lasting positive changes?


Meet Dr. Scott Vander Wall

Scott-001-1_zps42bdffda Scott Vander Wall graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in 1990. Since then, he has specialized in soft tissue techniques and functional nutrition studies to find more gentle, effective means of helping his patients achieve long-lasting results. Dr. Vander Wall is a certified, elite provider of Active Release Technique. A Colorado native, Dr. Vander Wall is an expert skier, mountain biker, and outdoor lover who studies the balance seen in nature. The same forces of nature which cause a tree trunk to grow upright, the surface of a pond to balance in stillness, and winds to move across the land are available to us to restore the balance within our bodies.